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German-Central Asian Summer School on Volunteering and Peace

Service Civil International (SCI) is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organizing international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organization consists of 44 branches and an ever-growing number of partner organizations.

SCI offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to people, such as short, mid- and long term projects, but also the possibility to become active for a local branch or participate in a seminar or training

The Kyrgyzstani branch of SCI in cooperation with APDC was officially registered in 2012.  This is SCI’s first partnership with a Central Asian organization.

With our work camps, we aim to:

-       Support non-profit, non-governmental and self-help organizations, small initiatives and socially disadvantage people,

-       Increase awareness of the need to help the vulnerable of people both in Kyrgyzstan and around the world, 

-       Draw public attention to social, political and ecological problems,

-       Promote mutual understanding and solidarity between people from different backgrounds,

-       Learn from history, promote reconciliation and fight racism,

-       Support peace and general disarmament,

-       Increase awareness of the need to preserve natural resources, 

-       Give you the opportunity to meet great people and to do something useful.

We want to remind all volunteers that SCI is NOT an alternative travel agency and that we expect a high level of motivation, cooperation and open-mindedness from each volunteer! Our work camp is completely based on self-organization. You are highly encouraged to contribute your own talents and ideas !

     The main requirements for volunteers are:

-       1 year volunteer/activist experience in their own fields

-       High proficiency in English

-       Strong motivation


Summer school and camp dates:

-       Opening seminar: July 21 – 27th/28th

-       Participation in an international work camp until 10/11th August

-       Evaluation in Berlin 11-13th August

More detailed information on volunteer projects and the application form can be found in the attached files.

The hosting organization, SCI, is responsible for meals, accommodation and transport expenses inside of the country. 

The deadline for applications is April 26, 2013.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate contact us by email at  ardivolunteers@gmail.com

you can download application form from http://diesel.elcat.kg/index.php?showtopic=30281562



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