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"The BEARR Trust Annual Conference 2015"

Today, November 20, 2015 via Skype NGO "Association of Parents of children -Disabled" (ARDI) in the Kyrgyz Republic  "ARDI" Seinep Dyikanbaeva  is the represented, who was invited by Mrs. Ann Lewis,  Miss Janet Gunn The BEARR Trust and Mrs. Aisuluu Bolotbaeva who offered to share the experience of ARDI in the annual Conference "The BEARR Trust Annual Conference 2015"

The purpose of speech: to share with the participants of the conference about the situation in the field of disability, according to the example of activities ARDI, and that despite the fact that the organization does not provide  in the direct deinstitutionalization, but all its activities aims to keep children with disabilities in biological families.

For 20 minutes, it was told that after the collapse of the Soviet Union the organization began to open, which were based by the persons with disabilities and parents with children with disabilities, one of these organizations was the ARDI, which was formed in 1995 and in 2015 it will celebrate its anniversary its activities and this report is a kind of indication of what has been done for twenty years.

ARDI publications were presented, namely:

1.     "Guidelines for public authorities to provide services for persons with disabilities and their families" with the financial support of the Education Reform program of the "Soros-Kyrgyzstan" in 2014.

2.     "Guidelines for Parents "Access to public services for persons with disabilities and their families" with the financial support of the Education Reform program of the "Soros-Kyrgyzstan" in 2014.

3.      "Collection of normative-legal acts" with the financial support of the Education Reform Program of the "Soros-Kyrgyzstan"  in 2014.

4.     Education of children with severe and multiple disabilities "Methods and home-based education program and the day center of the Association of Parents of Disabled Children" with the financial support of the Education Reform Program of the "Soros-Kyrgyzstan" in 2014.

5.     Analysis of the "law of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of disability: problematic aspects of law and practice, in terms of human rights and fundamental freedoms" with financial support of the Education Reform Program of the "Soros-Kyrgyzstan" in 2014.

6.     The educational standard is the basis for inclusive education with the financial support of the Education Reform Program of the "Soros-Kyrgyzstan"  in 2015.)

7.     How to protect the rights of the child with disabilities guide for parents. Together the Human Rights Council in 2013.

8.     Parents should know their rights and methods for parents with the financial support of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan in 2012.

9.     Organizations in Kyrgyzstan helping children with special needs a quick reference guide. (In the framework of Health Prom the expense of the Big Lottery Fund-2011.

Article 16 of the Constitution prohibits discrimination on grounds of disability, but in practice it is broken as practice shows ARDI and other colleagues and even the public authorities agree that the rights of persons with disabilities are often violated. So on April 16, 2015 the shares at 12:00 pm at the building of the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament) on the social flash mob "Give children a future. Ratify the Convention!"  It was revealed that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities should be ratified because of the multiplicity of problems and discriminatory practices in the area of disability.

1.     ARDI told about the main activities, work with government agencies, it provides recommendations on disability and is involved in various discussions, organizing roundtables, seminars, etc. For example:  ARDI participated in the development of the Social Development Strategy for 2012-2014 and for 2015 and 2020. It provides recommendations for improving the legislative framework as it is based on the medical model of disability and has not moved away from the charitable approach. So in collaboration ICCO Koopereyshn / Kirk John Akti according to the initiative of ARDI a national network of "Zhanyryk"  was created and network project «Empowering parents of children with disabilities» in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, which is being implemented by three non-governmental organizations -  ARDI, "The Family for  every child" and the NGO" Nur Bala " which is implemented with financial and technical support ICCO Koopereyshn / Kerk John Akti  and minimum social standards were developed that are accepted by the governmental order of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, on July 8, 2014 № 381" On approval of the state minimum social standards of social services provided to persons with disabilities, including children, in a semi-permanent organizations and social service institutions.  

-          In 2015, ARDI with financial support from the Education Program Fund "Soros-Kyrgyzstan" implemented a project "Integrated educational standard - the basis for inclusive education"  developed and published a collection of "Educational standards" - the basis for inclusive education" in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and independent experts from among theorists and practitioners of the educational sphere, and professionals working in the field of disability in the amount of 200 pieces in the official language. It is wonderful that it was opportunity to translate the book "The educational standard" - the basis for inclusive education" into the state language in the amount of 270 pieces, which are distributed to public and private organizations. The educational standard is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic for the number 1089 on August 17, 2015. In the future it is planned to test the educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan with the financial support of the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan and the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (FETSA). 

2.  Some information about the Rehabilitation Center of ARDI, which was founded thanking to the project "Support Children with Special Needs in the Kyrgyz Republic and their Families", in partnership with HealthProm with the financial support of Big Lottery in London, Azat  Israilov became national manager of the project in collaboration with the NGO " Shoola Number "Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic, the head of Antoninus Lee, the first rehabilitation center (ARDI) was opened in Bishkek and Bokonbaevo village, Issyk-Kul oblast (Shoola-Number). Crosslink Development Intl. provided professionals from America to train teachers and ARDI and Shoola Kol. This unique experience has spread to all regions of our country and has been used successfully colleagues from the NGO sector, for example, the NGO "Equality", Issyk-Kul oblast, NGO "Nur Bala" Talas, etc. 

3.  ARDI shared on the application of international experience in the work of their organization, to participate in various internships in Finland, the USA, Japan, etc. on the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities for example, about the participation in the UN Conference in 2014 and 2015 and that ARDI in cooperation with the Disabled People International DPI and (http://www.dpi.org/) called for including disability in all UN programs and for participation in the program Professional  Fellows on Demand was organized by World Learning Exchange and Training Unit and funded by the United States Department of State.

- The first conference in which the representative of ARDI took part in an international conference in Helsinki, Finland in 2001 3-10 September "How to become self-sufficient?" Disability issues in Central Asia - which was organized by KYNNYS, Mr. Kalle Könkkölä and his team. Calle Konkkola played an important role in the origin of the movement for the rights of persons with disabilities in the Kyrgyz Republic, Central Asia, of course in Finland and around the world.

-          Mobility International USA Mobility USA's 2nd International Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD). USA and to Advanced Program participation in the Empower Access Program which was organized by the American Council for International Training on disability issues, USA.

-           Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (JSRPD) and DUSKIN AINOWA Foundation, 10th Training Program for young people with disabilities in Asia and Pacific etc.

1.     ARDI talked how important it is to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and ARDI and colleagues from the NGO sector do it and that the state is ready to support ratification and now proactive is being done in this direction and the working group was created under the Ministry of Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic and it is one of the most open state agencies in our country and it always takes part in the various discussions on social issues and, in particular, on disability.

2.     It was also noted there is international cooperation, ARDI works with all stakeholders. For example, there are 25 articles of the initiative and Universal Health Coverage Day about how it is important to promote the right to health and access to health services.

3.     ARDI was chosen in the organization to help the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic  for  the organizations of civil society seminars "Equal rights for all, more rights for everyone", in the framework of cooperation between the European Union in 2015, Kyrgyzstan., which will be held on December 3-4, 2015. Bishkek, in the Park Hotel.

4.     The fact that for the past 20 years the situation in the field of disability has improved significantly thanking to the good  work of the NGO sector, government agencies, people with disabilities and all stakeholders. The questions are not just discussed, and a step-by-step they are solved and it can tell not only ARDI, but colleagues who work in the field of disability. Seinep noted for over the 20 years existing of the ARDI, this organization has done not enough, and in the allotted time, it is difficult to cover all the important aspects and all activities for the past years.

5.     Questions from the participants were very interesting: 1) about the social workers, 2) about the access to education, 3) about the digital technologists, 4) about the openness of the state bodies for NGOs and 5) about the traditions and people's attitude towards disability and people with disabilities .

6.     There was a question about social workers in Kyrgyzstan, whether there are enough social workers in the country. ARDI noted that the state universities teach and train social workers, but not all of them works in their specialty, as this is not the most prestigious and highly paid job and only these persons who very committed and passionately love their work by dedicated people work as social workers. However, there is a provision of the Social Worker in the Kyrgyz Republic (approved by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on February 29, 2012 N 157), and the situation about the social workers is getting better but a little in the country.  Seinep Dyikanbaeva also shared that she studied at the social worker, but did not graduate the Bishkek Humanitarian University (BHU), later she entered the American University of Central Asia (ARDI) and the new building of AUCA is available for persons with disabilities, and there is only one building in the whole of Central Asia and abroad.

7.     So the question of accessing to education - ARDI noted that there are initiatives of some NGOs which provide working with children who have Down's syndrome, autism, one of the examples, it is the NGO "Hand in Hand" which opened on the basis of regular school inclusive class for children with autism, the first inclusive kindergarten was opened  NGO "The ray of goodness" opened inclusive class for children with Down's syndrome in Bishkek, in other words, according to colleagues of NGO sector gave good  initiatives  as projects and ideas for solving  disability problems. There are  also special schools for the blind and hearing impaired and there are special schools, where children with intellectual disabilities are taught, so in spite of the absence of conditions, and access to educational institutions, there is still good practice birth of inclusive education, and there are people with disabilities who have been educated and involved in the educational process of the children and persons with disabilities.

8.     The question about the availability of digital technology and accessibility for persons with disabilities - ARDI noted that the phones, computers are equipped with software "special features" and blind people use JAWS.

9.     On transparency of state bodies to the NGO sector:  in Kyrgyzstan as it had been  mentioned before the open space for cooperation of NGOs and government agencies and government bodies willingly go on contact, as we can see the experience of ARDI and the examples of the organization's activities.

10.  The question from the representative of the organization «HealthProm» in London, about traditions and attitudes which concern to disability, Seinep Dyikanbaeva advantage of this opportunity to thank «HealthProm» for collaboration with ARDI. She also said that the Kyrgyz people founded  helping people, good attitude, but it is more charitable approach, not a legal, but the country should move away from that and ARDI with members of NGOs, the national network are doing their best the policies in the area of ​​disability can be based on the rights and equal opportunities. The participants from the former Soviet Union were taken part in the conference and the situation is similar in the disability field, which was confirmed by Dr Nino Makhashvili, Global Initiative on Psychiatry, Tbilisi.

11.  It is encouraging that despite all the difficulties step by step to solve the existing problems in the field of disability and tangible results have already seen.

12.  At the end of her speech Seinep Dyikanbaeva thanked for organizing the conference, the organizers and wished them further success!

Official site ARDI: http://www.ardi.kg/

The Interview was given by Seinep Dyikanbaeva "About the situation in the field of disability" in English.

Links to official websites, and in its absence, general information about activities or projects of members of the national network "Zhanyryk" state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic and international organizations worldwide.

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