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    In testing regime (It has not finished yet.)

    The Association of Parents of Disabled Children (APDC) completed re-registration on February 28, 2017 and is now known as "The Public Organization of Parents of Children with Disabilities ARDI".

    Official name: «The Public Organization of Parents of Children with Disabilities "ARDI".

    In Kyrgyz: «АРДИ» майыптыгы бар балдардын ата-энелеринин коомдук бирикмеси.

    In Russian:  Общественное объединение родителей детей с инвалидностью «АРДИ»;

    The standard short form of the organization's name to be used in written and spoken language will be ARDI.

    Organizational-legal status:

    Public Organization:

    Registration number: 
    The date of initial registration:
    January 12, 1996 
    The beginning of ARDI's activities as an initiative group:

    December 2, 1995

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    The special condition: 
    ARDI is not a charity organization and does not engage in charity work, does not give financial or sponsorship support to children with disabilities and their families, or to any physical and legal entities with no exceptions.


    The Association of the Parents of Children with Disabilities "ARDI" to be referred to further in this text "ARDI" emerged as a response to the existing needs of the parents of children with disabilities. It was formed on December 2, 1995, registered as a legal entity on January 12, 1996, and was the first parent's organization for disabled children in Kyrgyzstan. Since that time, ARDI has evolved from a simple public association into an organization with developed expertise, offering a wide range of services to the parents of children with disabilities. As such, the activities of ARDI can be considered to have a significant social impact.


    The facilitation of the 'inclusion' of children with disabilities into society and the creation of equal opportunities for them in Kyrgyzstan through their rehabilitation, the protection of their rights, the advancement of their interests, the development of their capacity, and civil activism on their behalf.


    The Government ensures that the rights of children with disabilities are a reality, and makes possible their complete participation in the life of society. The rights and interests of children with disabilities and their families will be consolidated at the legislative level and this legislation will then be put into practice.

    A society of Kyrgyzstan in which equal conditions will be created for the rights and opportunities of children with disabilities and their families to become a reality through the development of an accessible environment to them and their equal treatment by others. As a result, children with disabilities will be involved in all areas of public life.


    Equal opportunities for children with disabilities and their families.
    Equal opportunities for the parents who have children with disabilities.
    The priority is the 'family' - the basic condition for the development of children with disabilities and the 'inclusion' of children with disabilities and their families into society.


    The creation and development of centers for the support of children with disabilities and their families. 
    The improvement of work to inform and educate the general public on the issues of disability.
    The strengthening of links between state structures, the NGO sector and business communities.

    The strengthening of the financial sustainability of the organization through the involvement of government agencies, international donors and private individuals.
    The development of networks which includes similar organizations in the regions of Kyrgyzstan.
    The capacity building of staff and the development of volunteering.
    The offering of quality services to children with disabilities and their families.


    1. Assistance in the identification of children with disabilities from an early age and their official registration. 
    2. The defence of the rights and interests of children with disabilities and their families, which are equal to those of other citizens with a view to achieving their full integration into society.
    3. The unifying of the efforts of children and youth with disabilities and their families, aimed at different forms of rehabilitation, assistance and self-help in the provision of the adaptation and 'inclusion' of children with disabilities in society.
    4. The provision of assistance in the provision of social, informational, psychological, and other help in non-charity assistance. 
    1. Public Association ARDI assists in the opening of new organizations. The following organizations were formed, using the experience of ARDI.


    • Public Fund 'Ray of the Sun' in Jalabad city.
    • Public Association 'Ray of Kindness'.
    • Public Associations 'Zhani Bashat' and Public, 'The Dream of a Child' and 'Special Child' in Chui region; Norspid in Naryn city.
    • Five organizations in Talas region in partnership with Every Child and other parent's public organizations for children with disabilities. These organizations received consultations and based their foundation documents on those of ARDI.

    2. ARDI has engaged in research work regarding disability issues for twenty years. One notable example is that ARDI has been a member of the Working Group on monitoring of the physical accessibility of the courts to disabled people, at the request of the Committee on Human Rights for Constitutional Legislation and State Apparatus since in 2014 year. 
    3. Since 2012, ARDI has been an invited expert, at the request of UNDP, on the research of the 'Monitoring of the observation of the rights and access to education and professional training for persons with limited abilities due to health reasons of school age in Kyrgyzstan'. 
    4. ARDI plays an active part in the discussion of, development of and inputting of recommendations into various normative-legal acts and programmes for peoples with disability, for example:

    • The Strategy for the development of the social protection of the population of the Kyrgyz Republic 2015-2017.
    • The Strategy for the development of the social protection of the population of the Kyrgyz Republic 2012-2014.
    • The Codex on Children.
    • Legal projects regarding guaranteed state legal support.
    • Projects of the civil, criminal codex etc.
    • ARDI is a member of the Working Group for refining the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic for the legal project 'Regarding charity organizations' and 'State social order'.
    • The initiator and developer of the International Centre of non-commercial law in the Kyrgyz Republic.

    5. The Informational-methodological Centre Public Association ARDI, which has existed since 2008 trough HealthProm Project "Support Children with Special Needs in the Kyrgyz Republic and their Families" supported by Big Lottery Fund at which children receive integrated courses of rehabilitation and receive the basic skills for personal development and further adaptation into society. Currently, seven permanent staff and ten volunteers work at the Centre. Both parents and teachers have noticed significant progress in the overall development of children with disabilities.

    At the current time, ARDI operates an Informational-Methodological Centre. The Centre runs activities on the social rehabilitation of children with disabilities and provides psychosocial support to their parents. ARDI has also created seven working places for the parents of children with disabilities. 
    During the previous reporting period, the specialists of the Centre offered the following services: 
    • Initial help: Consultations with parents, who are learning of the damage to their child's development; Informational-enlightening work.
    • Provision of social help - home visits to the family; Running of seminars and training.
    • Adaptation training of children for indepent living and social-interaction; Socio-cultural rehabilitation.
    • Rehabilitation through physical training and sport.
    • Consultation of parents on social-legal questions.
    • Individual consultations of parents of children with disabilities.
    • Organization of learning events.
    • The development of early intervention.

    6. The National Newtork 'Zhanyryk' was formed in 2010 at the initiative of ARDI with the financial and technical help of ICCO Cooperation.
    7. Public Association ARDI produces literature on disability, such as: 

    • A handbook for the government organs on the provision of services for People with limited abilities.
    • 'The tuition of children with serious and multitude impediments to development', with the assistance of the Soros Foundation of Kyrgyzstan programme of educational reform. 
    • ‘An analysis of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the sphere of disability: Problematic questions in the legislation of and implementation of human rights and their basic freedoms', with the support of the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan.

    In 2016, 130 beneficiaries received the above services

    8. Every year Public Association ARDI runs a variety of large-scale cultural events, including:
    • 3rd December, The international Day of the disabled.
    • The Day of the Protection of Children.
    • Presentations on the activities of Public Association ARDI.

    A notable number of volunteers take part in the organization of these events.


    Support the activities of Public Association ACDI through Elsom 0555407709 (the agent's code 04421)
    The Division of Charity in the Terminals of the mobile and QIWIBest regards,
    «The Public organization of Parents of Children with Disabilities "ARDI". 
    The national network "Janyryk"
    Bishkek, # 1Microdistrict # 4 Kok - Jar (semi basement)
    720088,The Kyrgyz Republic
    Tel /Fax +996 (312) 517634

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